04 Jan 2016

This is 1 of 4 photos of mine that will be on display in the New Jersey Photo Forum’s Cityscapes show. It will be at Overlook Hospital Jan. 9 – Mar. 9.

This was shot from the top catwalk at NYC Grand Central Station. I went on a photo tour through Unique Photo, which let us have access to areas the public is usually not allowed. There are windows that swing open on the top catwalks that you can hang your camera out (making sure the strap is around your neck) and take pictures looking down at the main concourse. The catwalks are on the north and south ends of the building. They were designed to be used by employees working in the building to get from one side to the other and not have to go down the the main floor and back up in the elevators. The windows are there because that was the ventilation system before air conditioning was installed. As I was looking out, I saw this couple having some wedding pictures taken. While this was happening, everyone around them was in their own world.

i do, i do
grand central station • nyc
fuji xt1 • 50-140mm


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