2 thoughts on “13 Jan”

  1. When did you start shooting Caryn? Did you study photography or is all this great work coming from you self taught? I started shooting in 1961, had a darkroom of my own then until I stopped printing color in 1989. I still miss the darkroom, but like digital almost as much. Beautiful shot here!

    1. I got interest in photography when I was around 15 and choose it as my major in college at Ohio University. Those were the days before digital and auto everything. The digital part I had to learn on my own, but because of my strong background in photography, it made it easier. I always look at “things” to see how I can might be able capture them with my camera from a viewpoint that most people might not see and would appreciate. Glad you enjoy my work. I get the most pleasure out of sharing it with everyone.

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