27 Jan 2016

Day 1 of Nature Photography Challenge

My friend and wonderful photographer, Lane Lewis, invited me to participate in the 7 day Nature Photography Challenge. I nominate Michael Mykowski  to post his nature images for the next seven days and nominate someone to do the same.

This photo was the catalyst to entering shows and winning some awards. Some people think you need a really good and expensive camera and time to plan your shot in order to create a good photo. At times that might be true, but not usually. I shot this with my first digital camera which was a Minolta Dimage 7. My sister and I were visiting my nephew who lives in Aspen. It was a dreary day so we took a ride to a lake and on the way drove through these Aspen trees. I saw this setting on the way to the lake so on the way back I pulled over (I was driving), jumped out of the car, ran down the road to get what I thought was a good viewpoint to capturing the endless row of Aspen trees, took a few shots and then ran back to the car. This was my first photo I decided to enter into some juried shows and it has won many awards from Best In Show to Honorable Mention.

aspen woods
aspen • co
minolta dimage 7


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