27 mar 2016

One of out stops in Havana was what you would call on old mansion. When Castro took over, most wealthy Cuban’s left everything behind and fled. Unfortunately, this women and her husband who owned this house, were not allowed to leave because of the importance of his job to the government. He passed away and she lives alone in the house with her old dog. If she doesn’t find someone to leave the house to, the government will take it over. For extra income, the woman rents out the house at times to photographers for photoshoots because of the wonderful light that filters in from the big old windows. This is the house that they shot the photo essay with Rihanna in Havana for Vogue. Every room is like a time warp. I will post some pictures of the rooms in the house in the next few days.

time capsule
havana • cuba
sony a7rII • 24-240mm


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