28 Jan 2016

Day 2 of Nature Photography Challenge

I nominate Dave Barnes to post his nature images for the next seven days and nominate someone to do the same.

I took this during my first photography workshop. It was run by Alison Shaw who is a well know photographer and lives on Martha’s Vineyard. It was the last morning when went to the farmer’s market. There are lots of vendors with cut flowers but I didn’t have a macro lens with me. I used my Canon 70-200 f4 and zoomed out (or in) to 200mm to get the flowers as large as possible. It was a cloudy morning so instead of cranking up the ISO (in those days it was best to shot at ISO 100 because of sensor noise), I shot with my lens wide open at f4. That was something new for me since I tended to shoot with the smallest depth of field most of the time so as much could be in focus as possible. After viewing the results, I loved the results. This is another photo that has be accepted to many juried photography show and won awards.

farmer’s market flowers
west tisbury • martha’s vineyard • ma
canon rebel xt • 70-200mm


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