One thought on “29 Jul”

  1. Caryn,
    You have such an amazing talent shown through the art of your photography. You use your hearts eye to find the awesome beauty and joy from the most delightful things to things that would be mundane had your ‘camera’ not captured and presented its beauty. The way you managed to make beauty out of the cicadas that were driving us nuts UNTIL we saw them through your eyes, to the absolute stunning floral pieces are nothing short sheer genius.

    I am truly touched most everyday by your posts, finding myself looking forward to the treat of your fresh perspective for beauty in everyday life. There are pieces I would love to have in my home, not to mention perhaps sell to clients.

    Just wanted you to know that in addition to the difference you make with your caring nature to those whom you care for, you also touch folks lives through your photography. Being an artist myself, I truly appreciate the heart that goes into your work. Thanks for putting a smile on my face each day! I hope you continue ‘My Daily View’ even after your ‘year’ is up!

    Appreciatively, Julie

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