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27 oct 2016

One late afternoon, during the workshop, Betty arranged for a fishermen to bring a red skiff to Pamet Harbor for us to shoot.  There was a small change in plans and instead of meeting in Pamet Harbor, where I was already at, John called and said for me to come around the other side of the inlet to where they decided to shoot from. There was a small parking area to pull in to and I was the last car in which meant I had to be the first car out when everyone wanted to leave. We finished shooting the skiff right before sunset and everyone went back to their cars to leave for dinner. I was lingering behind and turned around to see this sunset. By then, my camera was off my tripod and everyone was waiting for me to move my car. I took a few handheld shots of the sun going down figuring I would move my car and come back to take more but once the sun hit the horizon it disappeared very quickly.

after the shoot
truro• ma
sony a7rII • 24-240 mm