12 sep 2016

This past Sunday was the opening to the photography exhibit Cuba: Working and Waiting that two of my photos are in. There was a great turn out and some of my friends and family came to see it. A few of of them mentioned that they thought I was doing a lot of traveling and had many different cameras because my posts on this blog are from many different places shot with different equipment. When they figured I couldn’t possibly get from Death Valley to Cuba to Yosemite to Cape Cod within a day of each other they realized I was not posting images that I shot that day. This is true. In 2014, I did “My Daily View” for the first time, and for the first 6 months the daily post was an image I shot that day. But I discovered I had many other images that I was capturing on the same day that I wanted to share. I decided to change “my rules” and no longer require the posting to be shot that day . For 2016, I am posting images that I might have taken the day it is posted or from the past. That explains all the different locations and cameras.

sunset at lucy vincent beach
chilmark• ma
canon 40d • 70-200mm


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