20 oct 2016

Today I went to Photo Expo at the Javits Center in NYC. I took the train in so I walked the few blocks to get to the Center from Penn Station. It is amazing how much new construction is taken place in the city. Between 34th to 36th Street and 9th to 11th Avenue, I counted 6 new buildings going up.  They all appear to be very modern with lots of glass and angles. The old NYC is quickly disappearing.

old and new
sony a7rII • 24-240 mm


19 oct 2016

The weather the last few days here in NJ has been wonderful. The temperature has been in the low 80’s with plenty of sunshine. Yesterday, I took Ollie for a walk in the afternoon around Sunrise Lake in Lewis Morris Park. The leaves are just starting to peak with colors of green, red, yellow and orange everywhere.

fall around the lake
morristown • nj
iPhone 7 plus


15 oct 2016

Last week I took a photo workshop with John Barclay and Betty Wiley on Cape Cod. The weather was great except for Sunday when we has lots of rain and wind from the remnants of hurricane Matthew. We meet at 6 am Monday morning to capture the sunrise on Coast Guard Beach but it was so windy the sand was blowing all around. A tripod was not an option with the wind and we even questioned taking out our cameras to shoot because of the blowing sand. Most of us eventually ventured down to the beach with our cameras, all standing with our backs to the blowing sand so our cameras and lenses were somewhat protected. Then the sun started to break through the clouds for some spectacular rays highlighting the waves. Because the light was still low and I wasn’t using a tripod, I had to push my ISO higher than I like to, so there is lots of noise in this image but I still like it anyway.

sunrise after the storm
coast guard beach • eastham • ma
sony a7rII • 24-240 mm


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