week 01

I’m trying to figure out how to get “my weekly view” on a separate page from “my daily view” but I haven’t figured it out yet so for now I just changed the name and it’s a continuation of last years blog. My brain hurts so I’m giving up for now.

I took this image with a new lens I purchased for my Canon 5D MKIII. Because it’s has a full frame sensor, I was looking for a really wide angle lens (the widest I have is a Canon 16-35). My only Canon option was their fisheye lens, but that’s not the effect I was looking for so I decided to try the Sigma. Unfortunately, this shot doesn’t really show the wide angle effect it can have. I will try and test it out some more this week and see if it’s worth keeping and share the results with you.

torn view
canon 5d mkIII • sigma 12-24mm

torn view
torn view


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  1. Being totally uneducated in photography, I think I understand the effect you desire. However, I am very interested in what your experimentation will show in the next shot. Have Fun! I love it.

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