week 14

I shot this photo of this coyote while driving in Death Valley. There were 2 cars pulled off to the side of the road taking pictures of the coyote in the shrub so I decided to stop too. I rolled down the windows so I could get a better shot if it decided to come closer to my car. I guess it got a whiff of my lunch I was eating in the car because it came up toward my car and then went in front, around the other side of the road, then behind and then around again and again. It did this for probably 15 minutes. I think it was hoping I would share my lunch but I didn’t. He/she finally got tired of going around in circles and went off into the shrub and I continued on.

what’s for lunch
canon 5d mkIII • 28-300mm

what's for lunch?
what’s for lunch?

One thought on “week 14”

  1. Hey Caryn,

    I have been meaning to say that doing a weekly view with a description is nicer and more delightful than the daily view…
    I enjoy reading about your inspiration/circumstance around the photo :) and that takes more time…

    Another great shot!! Thanks, Rob

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