week 23

This isn’t an artistic image but I wanted to share it anyway.

Many of you are probably too young to know about Jon Gnagy. He had a TV show where he taught drawing and painting. I came across this paint box when I was roaming around The Art Factory. I had a least one of these growing up. It wasn’t until I opened it up and remembered painting with one and trying to keep the paint from spreading on to the white metal that divided the different colors. The inside is what it looked like when you used up all the paint.

old memories
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4 thoughts on “week 23”

  1. I learned what little drawing ability I have from watching Jon Gnagy on TV. (In black and white, of course.) I don’t remember if I had one of these watercolor boxes, but I know I had his “Learn to Draw” kit. Oh, so long ago…

  2. WOW! Really brought back memories for me! I had the same experience with the white tray. “Thanks For The Memories”

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