week 30

I went to the Frelinghuysen Arboretum last week thinking I would shoot some macro shots of flowers. I found once I got there and started walking around nothing inspired me. I finally found a honey bee digging for pollen in a flower (that will be week 31), so I took some shots of that. When I looked up to the right I saw all these white petals with yellow centers so I decided to take a few shots. My main problem with shooting right now is my hands are very shaky so it is hard for me to hold my camera steady. Lugging a tripod around is not something I feel like doing unless I feel it will be worth the effort. In order to get a sharper image, I am using a wide aperture and a high ISO setting which contributes to more noise (grain) in the image, especially with the camera I used to shoot this. Cropping the image doesn’t help either but I think for this one I can get away with the noise.

olympus e-m1 • 14-150mm


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